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Image by Josh Hild


Book One, The Hardy Girl, released March, 2023

Book One: The Hardy Girl. A tale of the mistakes young men make in relationships, The Hardy Girl (Book One in the Series: A Redemption for Angel Clare) introduces Thomas Michelson, a sheltered seminary student who is unsure of his calling, and even more unsure in his relationships with women. He finds his world upended when he reads Tess of the d’Urbervilles, and the young woman he is dating begins to remind him of Thomas Hardy’s unforgettable heroine.
Vowing not to repeat the plot of Tess, he stumbles into his own Hardy-esque tragedy, while his classmates—who are also reporting on Hardy novels—follow similar paths. Worlds collide when four young men and their romantic interests meet up on a fateful night, setting into motion events that force Thomas to begin a harrowing journey of redemption.

Book Two: The Hardy Boy. After receiving a letter he interprets as a cry for help from  Terri, Thomas begins a journey of redemption guided only by his faith and vivid imagination that will take him places his sheltered upbringing could never have prepared him for. The dramatic climax of the story forces Thomas to make a choice where life and death hang in the balance. 

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